Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: Bandana Bow Tie

I often have a hard time finding bow ties with a pattern that I like. So making my own using scarves with prints that I love was a no brainer! The great thing about this, is that after you are done being stylish for the day you still have a scarf that can be used other ways. Check out this simple bandana (scarf) bow tie tutorial below!

Supplies: Bandana, Safety Pins

Place bandana in triangle shape.

Begin to fold the long way. 

 Make sure you have folded the bandana so the pattern you want will be on the front of the tie. 

 Scrunch the middle of the bandana. Make sure it is directly in the middle so your ends are even to tie around your neck. 

 Place safety pin directly through the scrunched part of the bandana. 

Play around with the shape of your bow. Figure out how big you would like it to be! (Keep in mind that the bigger the bow, the less scarf you will have hanging to tie around your neck.)

Pin the sides! Make sure the pin goes through the back layer of the front of the bow. (Make sure it is only through the back layer of the bandana to avoid seeing the safety pin in the front.)

Once you have pinned both sides, place a safety pin through all three of your safety pins to secure the  shape.

Your finished Result! (Adjust Accordingly)
You can even place a bold gold stud earring through the center to give it character!


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